Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bunny Day Event

Zipper is terrifying.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons just launched their first event yesterday! As I’m sure most of you already know starting the event you were tasked with finding Zipper and talking to him to get scoop. It took me longer than I’d like to admit yesterday to find him, I ended up having to restart the game before he would appear. Once found he tells you that he’s hidden eggs throughout nature on your island and he wants you to find not only them, but also the DIY recipes that are craft-able with the eggs. During the event which lasts from April 1-12 you’ll be able to craft unique furniture, decorations, and clothes. These are only available during the event so if you miss out you’ll be waiting a year for your next chance.

Where to look for the eggs

There are 6 types of eggs to find, and from my experience so far it doesn’t seem to hard to get decent number of them.

  • Water Egg: These are found while fishing. Perhaps too often.
  • Sky Egg: Look for special balloons floating over the island and shoot them down (DIY recipes can also be found in this method).
  • Earth Egg: These can be dug up from spots on the ground in the same fashion as fossils.
  • Stone Egg: These are found in rocks, hit them with your shovel like normal.
  • Leaf Egg: These eggs grow on trees.
  • Wood Egg: These pop out of trees when hitting them with the axe (Just like chopping wood).
Leaf Eggs

On the last day of the event (April 12) Zipper will trade any egg you need for three of another type. If you find yourself needing a few of a specific type right at the end then this will help you finish up.

Getting the Bunny Day Items

When you first talk to Zipper he will give you the recipe for the Bunny Day Bed, he also gives the recipe for the Bunny Day Arch on the last day. Talking to your regular villagers will also yield DIY Recipes for the Bunny Day items. You will find DIY recipes doing any number of tasks such as shooting down balloons, finding them washed up on the beach, and collecting enough of a certain type of egg to become inspired.

Two items can only be obtained by getting them gifted to you from your villagers, the Bunny Day Crown and the Bunny Day Bag. I got the Bunny Day Crown yesterday from my villager Cookie, she came up to me unprompted and just gave it to me so I would assume the same will happen at some point for the bag.

Me and my first few crafted items from the event.

List of Bunny Day Items (good AC:NH resource)

I found a good website outlining the different Bunny Day items we need to craft here. They lay out all the recipes clearly as well as generally do a good job of staying updated with Animal Crossing news, so I definitely recommend checking them out. Overall just collect as many of the eggs as you can while going about your regular play, you’ll find most if not all DIY recipes if you commit to playing at least a bit everyday of the event.

Last Day of the Event

On April 12 you’ll be able to talk to Zipper after making everything available and he will give you the recipe for the Wobbling Zipper Toy craft this and present it to him and he will give you the recipe for the Bunny Day Wand.

This seems like a fun event, and since it was unable to access by time-travel we are all experiencing it at the same time. I like that they have decided to make these live events so that we can all share in the fun together without worry of being spoiled by people who just skip ahead to get everything immediately.

Zipper honestly triggers my flight or fight response.

Leave a comment below if you are enjoying the event, and let me know if you have any tips I didn’t list here. Come back for new posts (at least) every Wednesday and Saturday, and sign-up via email to make sure you don’t miss anything! As always, thanks so much for reading. Now go out there and get collecting!

11 thoughts on “Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bunny Day Event

  1. I am enjoying this event so much! I love finding the eggs (though having trouble with water and earth) and making all the things. I look like a walking egg now. Though Zipper always remains creepy as hell to me. He popped up from behind a tree yesterday. 😛

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  2. I just started this game yesterday and I was worried that I missed the beginning of this event, but I’m glad to know I didn’t! 🙃 I’ve collected quite a few eggs, but since I don’t have a shovel yet, I’m stuck without any earth eggs! 😪

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      1. Yeah there’s a ticket you can buy for 2,000 Nook Miles that will take you to a little random Island, also I might post my Switch Friend Code so you guys can all add me and we can visit each other’s islands!

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