Pokémon Presents 6/17/20 (Impressions)

Pokémon just had a small video presentation called Pokémon Presents in which they showcased multiple different games we can all look forward to! For my post today I wanted to show and talk about my thoughts on what was announced in this presentation. I think we as Pokémon fans have some interesting stuff to look forward to!

Pokémon Smile

The presentation began with this adorable trailer for Pokémon Smile. A new game for your smart device that focuses on getting children to be more engaged with brushing their teeth. It seems like a weird way to start this off, but it is just another step in The Pokémon Company’s journey to becoming a household staple in every way imaginable. I feel like this is something I would have been stoked about when I was a kid.

Pokémon Café Mix

Pokémon Café Mix is the next in a long line of Pokémon spin off puzzle games and this looks like just as much fun as the others. In this hyper stylized game you match the icons with each other in order to create chains and mix up drinks for the Pokémon that are visiting your café. This is releasing on Switch as well as mobile, personally I will be playing on mobile as I tend to play more of these kinds of games during breaks at work.

New Pokémon Snap

Pokémon Snap is finally back! After a 20 year hiatus the spin off game we all know and love is making it’s return on the Nintendo Switch! This was honestly the highlight of the presentation for me. I couldn’t be more excited about this, I loved Snap on the 64 and I can’t wait to take pictures of all the new Pokémon in high definition when this likely releases in 2021.

Pokémon Go Announcements

Pokémon Go had a few of announcements in this presentation starting with the fact that Go Fest will be available to everyone no matter where they are this year, due to the climate we are living in. They also showed the silhouette of Victini who will be available to those who participate in the event.

They also announced that we can expect mega evolution to come to the game later this year. This is pretty exciting as it could completely change the landscape of the game in terms of which Pokémon are viable in certain situations. No matter what it is exciting to see The Pokémon Company give a little love to the mega evolutions after leaving them behind for Sword and Shield.

Finally they said that Galarian Farfetch’d is available now in the game and should be appearing readily. You can also get an outfit for your avatar that matches the garb you will be able to get from the dojo in the Isle of Armor dlc for Sword and Shield.

Pokémon Sword and Shield: Isle of Armor

The wait for the dlc is over! Pokémon Sword and Shield dlc pack one, Isle of Armor, releases today and is available to download right now! This adds another area to the game for the character to explore, with it’s own pokédex and storyline to follow. I think dlc is a major step for the franchise which allows them to get new content to us at a much quicker pace. Overall I think this is a good thing for the franchise.

The also showed that there will be a limited time event where Zeraora will be available in max raid battles and if 1 million trainers worldwide challenge and beat the raid then we will all get the shiny version of Zeraora!


Overall I was pleased with the presentation and everything that was shown. I expected to see something from Pokémon Sleep that was announced in the past, but maybe they are pivoting away from that. Of course I also would’ve been excited to see information about Sinnoh remakes, but I think we are still a ways off from that happening. They did, however, announce another of these presentations for a week from now, on 6/24/20, and maybe we will see remake information then.

As always, thanks so much for reading and let me know what you thought about this style of presentation. Are you excited for anything from this presentation? Let me know in the comments below! I think I am going to spend the rest of the day playing the Isle of Armor dlc since I am recovering from being sick anyway, so hopefully it lives up to expectations! Be sure to check back for new posts (at least) every Wednesday and Saturday and sign-up via email to make sure you never miss a new post! Be safe and have a great day!

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