PS5 Hype and a Farewell to the PS4

Well we have less than a week before the new console generation is upon us! I for one cannot wait as I have the digital edition PS5 slated to be arriving on launch day and I plan to focus a lot of my upcoming posts on the PS5 and the entire experience that comes along with it! My excitement has pretty much reached it’s peak at this point, but I before we move on to the new generation I think we should look back at what made the PS4 great.

The PS4 is a system that I know I will always look back on fondly, for me it represents the way my gaming tastes changed and matured. With this generation I became more entrenched in the gaming world and everything surrounding it. I started following gaming journalists and started consuming all sorts of content revolving around gaming. I started diving deeper into games and chasing platinum trophies. This generation saw me transition from being a mainly Nintendo gamer to a Playstation gamer first and foremost.

With games the likes of God of War, Spiderman, The Last of Us Part 2, Uncharted 4, and Ghost of Tsushima the Sony first-party studios provided us with some of the best games of all time! I’ve spent some time thinking about what my favorite first-party game of the entire generation was and I think it has to be Spiderman. It’s rare that we see a licensed game of this caliber, but the game was almost perfect from start to finish. They were even able to tell a story that would have been fitting of the silver screen!

The attention to detail was one of the things that pushed this game to the top for me. Each suit was perfectly constructed and looked like it could have been the main suit for the game. The developers clearly cared deeply and it rings through that they are great fans of the source material. It all makes me even more excited to play Miles Morales at launch in a few days!

As always, thanks for reading! Here’s to hoping that everyone gets their new consoles on launch day and was able to take some time off to play around with them! Make sure to check back (at least) every Saturday for a new post and sign-up via email to make sure you never miss a thing! Be safe and have a great day!

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