Coronavirus Update/Thoughts on the Protests in the United States

We have all been self-isolating, or should have been, for some time now, and I figured it was time for an update. Nothing has especially changed for me, I’m still considered essential and have been going into work Monday through Friday. I’m extremely grateful to have the opportunity to continue earning a paycheck through these difficult times, but I can feel burn out setting in. I am getting so burnt out on doing the same mundane tasks each and every day, all we can do is ship orders out from our store and at some point taping up boxes loses its luster. I understand that a lot of us are feeling this type of monotony weighing heavily on us, whether you are stuck at home or going to a job and mindlessly working the day away, but that doesn’t mean we can lose sight of the bigger picture.

The virus is real, I don’t care what you have seen on the news in terms of protestors or religious fanatics who think this is a ploy made up by the government to control us or that prayer will stop the virus from spreading. If the United States were to reopen right now, the only result would be unwarranted deaths and a setback that would see us right back into quarantine. It’s idiotic to think that we can just go back to a normal life anytime soon. I get that not everyone has the ability to make money right now, and the stimulus checks haven’t done enough to ease those people’s minds, but the answer can’t be to sacrifice lives just so the economy can reopen.

So many of us are doing the right thing and staying away from each other, but all it takes is a few people who are dumb enough to risk the lives of others because they believe their freedom is being taken away during a worldwide health crisis to cause the death of thousands. It is ridiculous, it is irresponsible, and it makes me ashamed to be an American right now. Think of more than yourself, think of your neighbors, of your grandparents, of the elderly couple living down the street. This is about all of us, this isn’t a fight against the government. This is about caring about other people as well as yourself and doing your part to help everyone get out of this alive.

As always thanks for reading. This topic gets me extremely worked up, and seeing the protests as of late have just amplified the anger I have when I see the way people disregard these stay-at-home orders. Let me know in the comments what you think about this situation, and I hope that you are able to stay at home yourselves! Check back (at least) every Wednesday and Saturday for new posts or sign-up via email to make sure you never miss anything. Stay Safe!

7 thoughts on “Coronavirus Update/Thoughts on the Protests in the United States

  1. Yesterday I was watching news coverage of the anti-lockdown protests in Denver, where nurses stood in the streets to block the protesters’ motorcade. It made me so angry I had to leave the room for a few minutes: it’s bad enough that nurses have to deal with a shortage of protective equipment and working overtime to cover for colleagues who are infected with the virus; now they’re putting their own bodies in front of people who are ignorant, selfish or simply trying to score political points (“pwn the libs” as one of my online gamer friends calls it). Another friend said it was “Darwinism in action,” which would be funny except you know once any of those protesters got sick, they’d be taking up resources and medical staff’s time from other people who are vulnerable and desperately ill.

    Stay safe! I hope times will be easier and the burnout lifts for you. It’s strange since so many of us are isolated from one another right now, but we really need to act together not just as a nation, but as a species to survive this.

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  2. I feel exactly the same … I am disgusted by their selfishness in the protests. I kinda stay away from the news cause it upsets me too much to see such blatant disregard with something so serious.

    I am afraid of a second wave if we return before we are prepared


  3. I totally understand the burnout from working in this. As a local truck driver, I’m an essential employee as well and it was so stressful that I took an unpaid leave of absence almost three weeks ago. Concentrating on every single move you make, everything you touch and keeping people at a distance was incredibly exhausting. Everyone wanting you to sign in. All of the paperwork signed and exchanged. All the doors. All the people not practicing any kind of common sense.

    And that’s in Detroit which has been hit hard. It was like walking in a minefield ten hours a day. I’m not looking forward to going back next Monday but we need the money.

    Oh, the protests. Sorry. Yeah, I understand and I think Michigan could have at least allowed people to go up north to their cabins but, for the most part, the protesters seem pretty selfish and irrational. I know that goes against a lot of people’s thoughts on the issue but some of the reasons they’re using seem ridiculous.

    So they want to golf or go boating. Really? We just had two inches of snow a couple of days ago. While they might be able to play golf and keep their distance, there would be employees there running things, taking their money, maintaining the equipment, etc..

    Gardening? I have a large garden every year myself but, other than starting my seeds indoors, up here, we can’t think about planting for a couple more weeks. The last spring frost is around May 3rd and with this year’s weather, I think most of us will give it another week to be safe.

    It seems selfish to me that they’re willing to force other people into harm’s way in order to play a game or have a party.

    Anyway, that’s my two cents. Stay safe.

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  4. The protestors are ridiculous but I am happy that the government seems to be talking about reopening at some point. I’m thrilled for everyone who still has a job but I haven’t been paid in a month and the small business I work for is probably going to go under. We should be getting government help considering but guess not us 😦 My savings are disappearing cause they certainly didn’t stop even the regular bills from coming in.

    Sorry to be a mess in your comments I totally agree with what you’re saying. I’m following all the rules because I’m terrified of getting sick but I’m also terrified looking at the economic impacts and the prospect of unemployment in an absolutely impossible situation and I do hope the governments continue to talk realistically and safely about reopening processes while ignoring the fools currently protesting. Best of luck to you!

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