What I’ve Been Up To Lately (August Updates)

For this post I thought it was about time to for another update post about some general life stuff. I’ve had a lot of things going on in the past month or so and have changed quite a bit about my day to day life, so what does that mean for the blog?

Well to start off, nothing will change with the way I am running this blog. I still plan to put up two posts per week and cover the same topics. I’m currently playing through Persona 5 Royal and loving it, I’ve also been super into Pokémon GO and the GO Battle League. I may end up writing a bit more about video games than books for the second half of this year as the video game industry is coming up on it’s peak season, especially with the new console generation on the horizon. It’s an exciting time to be a video game fan, and I cannot wait to get my hands on the PS5!

As far as the book side of my blog, I will still be reading regularly and reviewing/discussing them like normal. I have been in a reading slump of sorts as of late, but I am getting close to finishing When We Were Vikings by Andrew David MacDonald and I have been loving it! I will hopefully get that review written and ready to go soon, then I am thinking about moving on to the second book for my Harry Potter re-read.

Regarding the more personal side of my life, things have sort of been in flux for the past month or so, but they seem to be settling into place now. I quit my previous job and have just recently started at my new place. Starting a new job can always be a stressful time, and starting one during the middle of a pandemic doesn’t help whatsoever. I also began lifting weights again after only boxing for a long time, it was killing me at first but it seems like my body is finally getting acclimated again!

Finally, Covid updates. Where I live there are more or less no restrictions on anything other than wearing a mask, so it is really up to you to take the necessary precautions when you are out. I always have the mask on and hand sanitizer with me since I haven’t been able to remain in lockdown as much as we all might like to. Most people I run into understand the importance of social distancing and mask wearing, but as is the case with anything, you will find some idiots that think they are too good to wear the mask. People are so much fun to be around.

As always, thanks so much for reading! Let me know what you guys have been up to in the comments below! Are your areas still placing heavy restrictions on things or are they starting to let up? Let me know how things are going for you. Check back (at least) every Wednesday and Saturday for new posts and be sure to sign-up via email to make sure you never miss a new post! Be safe and have a great day!

8 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Up To Lately (August Updates)

  1. I started a new job as well, just last week! It’s something completely new for me so I’m nervous but excited. I was laid off so I’m happy to get back into the swing of things and to learn new skills. I just hope I don’t screw up haha. How are you liking your new job?

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  2. I’m glad you’re not changing your blog, I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts. Do stay safe out there! In California we’re under executive orders to wear a mask in public, but we still have the ‘i haz rights’ crew running around with a mask around their chins. So useful there! [sarcasm] I want to ask them, ‘Don’t you have someone at home who could get seriously sick from the virus?’ But better to stay six feet away from them. :/

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    1. Thanks, yeah I was toying around with the idea of going to once a week, but I feel like I still have plenty of content to go through, at least for the time being.

      And yeah the people who just act like the mask is taking away their rights baffle me, it amazes me that they can be so selfish.


  3. In my area – cases are on the rise… you can’t go anywhere without a mask now – is required and law I believe? Pretty sure – you can not enter a store or anywhere without a mask.

    School has also forbidden, all homeschool again beginning August 20th – they will see how goes and possibly October they open school if cases stop going up… but I’m keeping her on “distance learning” (what they “call” it 🙄) when they have a vaccine – then she can go back – until then nope!!

    We are waiting for PS5 too – oldest is thrilled – he can’t wait. And we love Pokémon – the boys and me are red team and girl had to be different lol – she is yellow lol… she wishes she same now but whatever – you make your choices lol 🤟

    Congrats on your job!

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