The Life’s Ok Podcast

Up to this point I have been focused on writing and producing written content. This has always been the way I have preferred to put myself out there, and it’s the way I am most confident in sharing my voice. None of that is going to change, however I do believe there is an opportunity to grow my audience and the reach I can have through my writing by exploring various other avenues as well.

I was recently contacted by a new network called the Kansas City Podcast Network, which will be going live this month with the hopes of putting together audio and video content in a streamlined and easy to consume manner. I was originally going to join in as a writer on the backend and help with website maintenance and producing written content to drive views to the other content that will be available. While I am still going to do that I have decided that I wanted to put myself out there in a more meaningful way and create a podcast with two of my friends that will be featured on this new network. My friends Brandon Twidwell, Trenton Sadrakula, and myself have created the Life’s Ok Podcast.

The podcast itself is about life, and whatever is happening to us or around us. Obviously the first episode centers largely on Covid-19 and the way it has affected not only us but everyone around us. We also touch on video games and anime, which will be main topics for us nearly every week. I know some of my audience here comes mainly for the video game articles and I figured you might get a kick out us talking about them too. The idea of the podcast is to relax have fun and really just have a conversation. We want to interact with our audience and after all the amazing people I have met in the blogging community, I hope I can get to talk to you on this new platform as well.

This is something the three of us had played around with the idea of for quite some time, but with our newfound free time we decided this was the chance we needed. I have always been nervous about putting myself out there in this way, but I figure if you don’t take a risk and take the first step then there’s no way anything can come out of it, for better or worse. If you guys want to check it out, here is the link to our first episode: Life’s Ok Podcast – Episode 1. We will be recording episode 2 tonight and uploading tomorrow, so there will be more content to check out shortly if you enjoyed listening to us ramble. Don’t worry we’ve got some music worked out for the intro and outro now as well.

We are open to any and all feedback, we want to improve every week and make this into something that will be enjoyable. If you want to you can even submit topics or questions for us to talk about, I’d love to answer anything from my readers here. It wouldn’t even have to be related to books or video games, I’m fine to talk about anything! The podcast will have new episodes every Friday and going forward we would love to have things to talk about directly from our audience!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and let me do a little cross promotion, I know this is a step outside of my normal content here on Books and Pixels but this is a project that has been fun to work on with my friends and I just wanted to share it with you guys as well.

If you do end up giving it a listen, let me know in the comments below or reach out to me on social media! We are obviously a work in progress so let us know what you want to see in a podcast going forward as we iron out the kinks. As always thank you so much for reading! Check back (at least) every Wednesday and Saturday for new posts and sign-up via email to make sure you never miss a thing!

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